Gothic make-up Discover how to do it

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Gothic make-up: Discover how to do it: Gothic make-up in 10 steps.


This make-up is an art, and as long as we don't fall in the oldest topics, it can also be very flattering, today I teach you, how to look beautiful with a gothic make-up.


Forget first of all all the clichés that the makeup of gothic air, has to be always in black colours, with a very clear complexion and all that... because it is not so, the thematic makeup should highlight the personality, as in this case the gothic, but above all they are makeup, serve to make us look more beautiful, that's why I thought it appropriate this article :).


Step 1:

The eyebrows, these are always step number 1, this make-up is a bit hard, so they have to be very well plucked, making sure they don't have any hairs loose, and filling them with an eyebrow pencil (or with some shadow of the same colour), but be careful to paint them in their natural colour, if you are blonde, then you will have blonde eyebrows, don't draw them in black.

Step 2:

Wash our face, if so simple and cheap, if we want the makeup to adhere completely to the face this has to be very clean, and of course very dry.

Step 3:


The base, it will be a little lighter than our skin colour, but with two tones will be enough, we are gothic not ghosts haha, diffuminalo to conscience, since not being of our same tone of skin the line of cut will be noticed even more, clear that this can be a little complicated for the beginners, but calm girls, ;) that everything is practice, at the beginning, if you are not very crafty with the makeup, use a base a tone but clearer, and with the time dare with those of two tones underneath.


Step 4:

We will apply compact powder as always to mattify the makeup, but we will put enough in the part of under the eyes so that when pigments of the shadows fall they do not adhere to the skin and we can remove them easily, so our makeup will remain intact :).

Step 5:

Let's go with the shadows, well, let's not be cliché, shall we?

You can use purple, dark green, crimson shades, and you can apply them alone or combining them with a little bit of black shadow on the outer part of the eyelid, and/or drawing the eye socket with these.

Step 6:

We will outline both eyelids (this time in black) and unlike in other make-up we won't need to blur the lines, of course if you think that blurred lines are better for you, you already know ; ), then two coats of mascara, and we will finish with the eyes.


Step 7:

We will make up the lips in the colour that you want, but please, do not make them black, I recommend you to do it in a dark reddish or purple tone....

depending of course on the colour of the clothes, and the make-up you choose for the eyes, outline them first (in the same colour) for an even more professional result.

Step 8:

We will give some light touches of blusher, light eee we are gothic, of this time not of the 80's, haha, since this makeup is something hard, we will subtract rudeness with a discreet blusher, in reddish or purple colours, always matching with the colour of lips and shadows.

Step 9:

Remember that we had put compact powder under the eyes?

Well, now we will remove it with a brush, lightly sweeping it over the eyes.

(The ideal brush is a fan brush).

Step 10:

The nails: You can paint them in dark colours like everything else, yes this time you can use black :P hahahah or you can use your imagination, how about a French manicure changing the white for black?

And for purple?

or brown?....

Well, this is the end of this tutorial, it has been a bit long, I hope you find it useful :P Are you clear about the steps to do a gothic make up?


What do you think about this kind of make-up?

Do you dare with it?


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